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Around the Mountains

OverviewTrail Status: Open

Kingston — Walter Peak (4-5 days, 180km)

When completed in 2016, the Around the Mountains Trail will allow cyclists to explore and discover some of New Zealand’s most secluded and rustic settings at a relaxed pace without sacrificing the comforts of home.

Along the way you will be welcomed by charming locals, served mouth-watering meals and told stories about the beautiful places they call home – all part of experiencing real, heartland New Zealand.

Cyclists can follow the route of the Kingston Flyer railway and ride from the historic settlement of Kingston, at the southernmost tip of Lake Wakatipu, alongside the Eyre Mountains, through the towns of Garston, Athol and Lumsden to Mossburn via a wide and smooth trail.

Passing through the heart of Southland, this section of the trail is 85km long and can take two to three days.

The trail from Mossburn to Mavora Lakes will not be finished until 2016. Riders are advised to take a shuttle for this section rather than ride on the road.

Queenstown thrills

Adrenalin junkies will find it hard not to overdose in Queenstown thanks to its astonishing number of heart-pounding adventure pursuits.

If you’re brave enough, the region’s visual appeal makes skydiving a spectacular experience, or you can hop on board a jet boat and zip down the Shotover River at full speed.

Then there’s the buzz of rafting and canyoning, the exhilaration of paragliding or hang gliding, the thrill of river boarding and river surfing and the family-fun option of riding the Skyline Luge.

Lake Wakatipu

This pristine lake with a mountainous backdrop is accessible from Queenstown, Kingston and Walter Peak. Cruising on the TSS Earnslaw, known as ‘Lady of the Lake’, is the best way to take it in.

Be Prepared

The trail’s easy gradient and great local climate make it a good ride all-year-round.

MOBILE PHONE COVERAGE: Coverage available from Kingston to Mossburn. No coverage from Mossburn to Walter Peak.

DRINKING WATER: Can be taken from taps in the towns along the way or purchased from shops.

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