Imagine riding through the cool of the dense New Zealand bush, with only the call of native birds loud above the hum of your bike. Trails sweeping wide bends to reveal breathtaking views of snowcapped peaks mirrored in a still lake. Journeys such as these exist, and are exactly what ‘Nga Haerenga, The New Zealand Cycle Trail’ has to offer.

This Summer 2015/2016 will see most of New Zealand’s Great Rides open, providing exciting journeys on 2,500km of trails. These cycle trails breathe new life into old tracks, roads and railways, offering leisurely travel and allowing riders to enjoy so much more than just biking. ‘Nga Haerenga’ means ‘the journeys’, both in a physical and spiritual sense, which is exactly what you will experience on the New Zealand Cycle Trail. Enjoy researching your next ride or two, and happy biking.

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Tasman’s Great Taste Trail Section Closure

Duck Hunting season starts this weekend! A section of Tasman's Great Taste Trail will be closed for one day on Saturday 7 May 2016 for the first day of the g... more...

Dun Mountain Trail back on track

Some good news for riders on the Dun Mountain Trail. Full reinstatement of the Dun Mountain Trail in the cut-over forestry area was completed this week. The ... more...

Spooners Tunnel Grand Opening

This Sunday 17 April, Spooners Tunnel will become the newest section of the Tasman's Great Taste Trail to be unveiled. A railway tunnel left unused for 60 year... more...